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    Uzbekistan updated poverty criteria

    Finance 19 July 2023 1927

    Minimum consumer spending per person in Uzbekistan has been increased from 498 thousand soums to 568 thousand soms per month (from 16.6 thousand to 18.9 thousand soums per day).

    According to the Statistics Agency, using the minimum consumer spending indicator as an indicator of the poverty line allows:

    • identify a group of the population in a state of poverty or lack of;
    • develop and implement programs and measures to reduce poverty;
    • evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of anti-poverty measures;
    • to make decisions on the provision of social assistance and material support to those who are below the established level of minimum expenses.

    Note that the setting of the MCI is based on the annual inflation rate for 2022. Since then, inflation for this period has exceeded 17%, and in the food sector it was 23%.