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    Doctors named diseases that remain after the coronavirus forever

    Healthcare 14 March 2022 892

    Doctors around the world record numerous ailments and exacerbation of chronic diseases that occur during coronavirus infection. Russian doctors told about some potentially dangerous diseases that remain for life.

    According to Russian experts who studied the consequences of COVID-19 infection, the development of type I and type II diabetes mellitus was noted in about one in seven patients. Lung fibrosis has also become a mass disease among those who have suffered coronavirus, writes Infokam.

    "It is known that COVID-19, depending on the strain, causes pneumonia, which turns into fibrosis. As a result, the lung tissue begins to grow and become scarred. During the recovery period, the affected areas are not fully compensated, and in many areas of the lungs, scars remain forever," said infectious diseases doctor Elena Meskina.

    Some patients may experience inflammation of the heart muscles, heart attacks and strokes.

    "The coronavirus hits the heart, which leads to the development of a heart attack and inflammation of the heart muscle, which is also called myocarditis," the doctor said.