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    Flu or coronavirus: how to distinguish?

    Healthcare 9 December 2022 753

    These days, a flu epidemic is raging in many countries. However, the symptoms of this disease are almost identical to those of the omicron strain.

    So how to distinguish these diseases from each other without medical analysis? Foreign scientists shared their conclusions on this issue.

    In their opinion, the incubation period of the influenza virus is quite short - 1-2 days, while the first symptoms of the coronavirus appear only after 4-6 days. Therefore, if you get sick a day after communicating with a flu patient, there is a high probability that you also have the flu.

    In addition, the common flu often causes pain in muscles, joints and bones, as well as headaches.

    Both diseases begin with a sharp increase in body temperature, sore throat, cough and general weakness, and a runny nose and an increase in body temperature to 37 degrees are characteristic of other forms of ARVI. But for an accurate diagnosis, a PCR test is still required.

    Nevertheless, with mild forms of both diseases, the measures of inpatient treatment are the same: bed rest, copious drinking, at temperatures above 38 degrees and headaches - taking antipyretics and painkillers. Treatment at home should last at least a week.