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    How will Tashkent's public transport work during the long weekend on Navruz?

    Transport 17 March 2023 1348

    It is noted that according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the establishment of additional non-working days during the celebration of official dates and the postponement of weekends in 2023" dated December 23, 2022, March 18-22 were established as days off for the purpose of a large-scale celebration of Navruz. In this regard, for employees with a five-day working week, the days off were postponed from Saturday, March 11 and March 25 to Monday, March 20 and Wednesday, March 22, respectively.

    JSC "Toshshahartransxizmat" told how the work of public transport in the capital will be organized in the upcoming holidays in honor of Navruz.

    • March 18 (Saturday) is a day off, buses go on routes according to approved schedules for Saturday (a reduced number of buses on the lines compared to a normal day, while there are more of them than in the Sunday schedule);
    • March 19, 20, 21, 22 (from Sunday to Wednesday) - public holidays, buses go on routes according to approved schedules for Sunday (reduced number of buses),
    • March 25 (Saturday) is a working day, buses operate according to the usual working day schedule.