Proposals to improve the quality of school education considered

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with proposals to improve the quality of school education and the qualifications of teachers.

    Students’ interest in subjects and academic performance largely depend on teachers’ knowledge and skills. Therefore, the necessary conditions are being created to improve teachers’ qualifications, and the knowledge assessment system is being improved.

    Responsible persons reported on the proposals developed in this area.

    A new certification system based on advanced technologies has been introduced. More than 190,000 teachers participated in it, and 51, 000 teachers were upgraded to categories as a result.

    It was emphasized that it is necessary to constantly stimulate an increase in the number of professional and self-improving teachers in schools.

    It was proposed to increase teachers’ salaries with the highest and first qualification categories from September 2025.

    Instructions were given to develop and implement a separate professional development program for teachers who have not been certified and do not have sufficient experience.

    In this process, it is necessary to fully utilize the capabilities of advanced training centers and teacher training colleges. To this end, based on the experience of the Presidential Schools, a system of advanced training for managers and teachers of kindergartens and schools will be organized at the National Research Institute named after Abdulla Avloni every five years.

    The task has been set to transfer 11 pedagogical colleges in the regions to the jurisdiction of Advanced Training Centers and attract trainers from abroad.

    It was reported that kindergartens and schools, technical schools, and the Barkamol Avlod school would be created based on the pedagogical colleges with a low load.

    The Presidential Schools Assessment System was introduced to 500 schools last year to disseminate best practices. As a result, student achievement increased from 53 to 59 percent. For school management and teachers who have achieved high results, an increase of up to 40 percent has been established.

    In this regard, starting from the new academic year, this assessment system will be used in another 1,000 schools. They will be assigned 182 specialized schools and 500 schools that have tested the system.

    Also, 270 schools will be equipped with interactive whiteboards, and 365 will be provided with computer classes.

    The proposal to establish a National Institute of Education Pedagogy at the Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences of Uzbekistan named after Qori-Niyozi was also discussed. The new institute will be tasked with strengthening cooperation between mahalla – parents – school, creating educational literature for parents and children, and scientific research into the didactic views of the Jadids. The activities of the Academic Council will be organized in 5 specialties, as well as training for master’s and doctoral studies.

    In addition, the issues of introducing international methods into the sportsmanship schools of Bakhodir Jalolov and Oksana Chusovitina and improving the quality of education and training were raised.

    The Head of state instructed teachers to improve the quality of teacher training and organize a fair assessment and incentive system.