Abnormal frosts of up to -20 degrees are approaching Uzbekistan

    In focus 5 December 2023 1137

    In the period from December 9 to December 14, a phased invasion of cold air mass is expected to enter the territory of Uzbekistan from the northern regions, director of Uzhydromet Sherzodhoja Habibullakhuja said on his Facebook page.

    According to the data provided, this Sunday, December 9, in the central and eastern regions, December 10 - in the north and the desert zone, and December 11 - precipitation in the form of rain and snow will occasionally occur in most of the territory of the republic. Strong winds are forecast in some places in the foothills and mountainous areas.

    The air temperature will gradually decrease. By December 12-14, it will drop to 10-13 degrees below zero at night, and to 5-8 degrees below zero in the afternoon. And in the north, frosts of up to minus 17-20 degrees are expected at night, and up to minus 9-12 degrees in the afternoon.