Pensions in Uzbekistan will be indexed in accordance with the level of inflation

    Social medium 20 March 2024 1679

    The law signed by the President (dated 03/18/2024 No. ZRU- 922) introduced amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at further strengthening social protection of citizens. The law was adopted by the Legislative Chamber on 12/26/2023 and approved by the Senate on 02/19/2024.

    In particular, the document amended the Law "On Rent", providing for the cancellation of the grounds for termination of the lease agreement in case of disability of the tenant.

    According to the amendments to the Law "On State Pension Provision for Citizens", it is envisaged to increase the payment period of the accrued pension amount, but not demanded by the pensioner, from the current 12 to 24 months.

    Along with this, citizens are granted the right to apply for a pension through public service centers or through the EPIGA (

    The Law also defines the procedure for setting the minimum pension amount at a level not lower than the minimum consumer expenses, increasing the size of pensions, taking into account the growth rate of the consumer price index for goods and services during the year.

    In addition, amendments have been made to the Law "On Accumulative Pension Provision for Citizens", providing that information on the acquisition by a citizen of the right to state pension provision, sent by the Pension Fund to the People's Bank in electronic form through an information system, is the basis for receiving accumulative pension payments.

    The document was published in the National Database of Legislation and entered into force on 03/19/2024, Norma reports.