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    President visits a modern medical center

    Uzbekistan 18 March 2023 6004

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the multidisciplinary medical center “M-Clinic”, in Tashkent.

    The clinic can be called a new stage in the country’s medicine. The $202 million project included 6 buildings and modern facilities. Technological equipment designed by KBV GmbH & Co. of Germany.

    A hospital for 95 adults and 33 children’s beds, a polyclinic for 1,400 visits are organized here. They will begin their activities in the coming months. In general, the medical center can provide services in 50 highly specialized areas.

    In particular, the center has 5 operating rooms for cardiology, angiography, traumatology, neurosurgery, gynecology and urology. They can perform 5 thousand high-tech operations per year. Modern equipment allows the use of minimally invasive methods and rapid rehabilitation.

    The Head of state got acquainted with these conditions in detail. Responsible persons were given instructions on turning the center into a basic institution in certain areas, using the experience of the clinic to improve the qualifications of doctors.

    The complex has a hotel with 120 beds for relatives of patients.

    As a result of the created opportunities for the development of the private sector of medicine, the number of private clinics in Uzbekistan has exceeded 8 thousand. The directions in which they can provide services have been expanded from 50 to 129.