The course of implementation of projects with the involvement of IFI funds is considered

    Investments 28 September 2022 941

    The Agency for International Cooperation and Development under the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank, held meetings on the analysis of the implementation of current projects implemented in Uzbekistan with the involvement of funds from international financial institutions.

    Thus, during the meeting with the ADB, held via videoconference, it was noted that the Bank's current portfolio in Uzbekistan consists of 21 projects totaling $ 3.3 billion, implemented in such socially significant areas as the improvement of settlements and infrastructure development, expanding public access to clean drinking water, healthcare and other areas. The progress of the implementation of each project is considered, including from the standpoint of the execution of network schedules at each stage of implementation.

    Negotiations with representatives of the World Bank (WB) were held in a similar constructive spirit. During the personal meeting, the parties analyzed the projects implemented in the country with the assistance of the World Bank. The Bank finances 28 projects in Uzbekistan totaling $4.9 billion in priority areas such as agriculture and water management, transport, energy, urbanization, education and healthcare.

    During the meeting, a number of constructive proposals were put forward to improve project management processes, including the purchase of equipment and materials, as well as the further development of professional skills and knowledge of employees of ministries and departments responsible for their implementation.

    As a result of the meetings, the relevant "Roadmaps" were approved, which reflected the specific deadlines for the implementation of projects and identified responsible heads of ministries and departments who received targeted instructions to ensure the disbursement of funds allocated by financial institutions and the timely commissioning of projects, the press service of MIVT RUz reports.