Shavkat Mirziyoyev addresses a festive event on the occasion of International Women’s Day

    Uzbekistan 7 March 2022 8394

    International Congress Hall hosted a festive event on the occasion of March 8 – International Women’s Day.

    President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev cordially congratulated women and expressed his deep respect to them.

    “From time immemorial, our people have revered the sacred image of a Mother, a woman as an incomparable creation of the Almighty, surround her with love and care”, the Head of the state said.

    As is known, the measure of humanity and justice of any society and state is primarily the attitude and attention to a woman. To achieve such a goal as to ensure a peaceful and prosperous life for our people, the main attention is paid to ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of women. The conditions for their work, education, health promotion, and well-being of their families are improving.

    This work is defined as one of the most important areas of the Development Strategy. Even wider opportunities for women were identified at the meeting on March 1. To ensure the systematic and effective implementation of these tasks, the corresponding post of Deputy Prime Minister was re-established, the State Committee for Family and Women Affairs was established.

    The structure of the committee will also include the deputy chairpersons for women and family issues of almost 9,5 thousand mahallas operating in the country, each mahalla will re-introduce the position responsible for women's issues. Thus, a fair and effective system, dealing with women's problems and their daily concerns permanently will be formed.

    A national program to support women's education, designed for 2022-2026, will be adopted.

    At the initiative of the President, the Women Mentors Movement is being created, uniting authoritative and respected women in its ranks, which will be able to influence the formation of public consciousness and the upbringing of the younger generation. At the same time, women's councils are being created in all labor collectives to effectively solve women's problems.

    To further increase the number of women working in entrepreneurship, the Women in the Business program will be adopted, within the framework of which funds for 8 trillion UZS will be allocated.

    This year, women will receive 40 percent subsidies for mortgage loans. This will provide women in need with 12 thousand modern apartments.

    Funds for 15 trillion UZS are being allocated for the implementation of this unprecedented large-scale work for Uzbekistan.

    “Women and family issues are a key task that defines our not only present, but also the future. Every good deed in support of our women, keepers of the family hearth, personifying love and selfless devotion, will undoubtedly return a hundredfold”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    The President appealed to all the women of the country and urged them to actively participate in large-scale transformations:

    “Today we have entered a new historical era of comprehensive development of our country. The introduction of children to great goals, their upbringing based on noble ideas are the main duty of all mothers in Uzbekistan.

    ndoubtedly, the upbringing of a younger generation with high human qualities, courage, devoted to the Motherland depends primarily on you. This is the most important investment in the future, our greatest wealth.

    According to the decree and resolution of the President of Uzbekistan of March 5 this year, a group of women was awarded honorary titles, orders and medals, twenty-eight girls were awarded Zulfiya State Prize.

    The solemn presentation of these awards took place at the festive event.

    “Once again, I sincerely, wholeheartedly congratulate all of you on the holiday of spring, beauty and tenderness. I wish you all the greatest joy in the world – to see the happiness of your children and grandchildren. I wish you health, prosperity and well-being!”, the President said.

    The event was attended by women working in various fields in Karakalpakstan, the city of Tashkent and the regions, employees of various ministries and agencies. Female diplomats representing foreign countries and international organizations also took part in the event.

    The festive event continued with a colorful concert.