President chairs a meeting on privatization of state property

    Uzbekistan 20 January 2022 5208

    On January 20, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a videoconference on the upcoming work in the privatization of state property objects this year.

    The state of affairs in this sphere and plans for the future were critically considered at the meeting.

    Two thousand inefficiently used objects were identified following the inventory in industries and regions carried out on behalf of the Head of the state.

    In particular, there are 210 in the oil and gas industry, 152 in the communications sector, 114 in state commercial banks, 44 in the chemical industry, and 28 objects to be sold in the energy industry. There are about 170 empty objects that have not been sold for years on the balance of the regional hokimiyats.

    At the meeting, instruction was given to take disciplinary measures against officials who committed shortcomings in this direction, some were dismissed from their posts.

    It was noted that it is necessary to intensify and double the effectiveness of work in the current year.

    For example, due to the privatization of facilities in the regions and non-agricultural lands, over 8 trillion UZS can be received by the end of the year.

    The need for continuing the inventory was also emphasized. The personal responsibility of regional hokims and industry managers for identifying and putting up non-core, inefficient and unused assets for public auction was noted.

    The task was set to realize 33 thousand land plots with ownership rights previously put up for auction, as well as to put up for auction another 25 thousand plots by July 1.

    It was noted at the meeting that 266 enterprises of the road, transport, oil and gas, energy and automotive industries are also subject to auction.

    “Many industry managers still use non-core enterprises inefficiently. In large industries, the state share in 480 enterprises can be fully transferred to the private sector”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    In this regard, the Prime Minister was instructed to conduct a full inventory of the relevant facilities in Uzavtosanoat, Uzbekistan Railways, Uzbekneftegaz, Hududiy Elektr Tarmoqlari and other industries, as well as to make proposals for their privatization.

    The importance of attracting potential investors to such large complexes as Ferganaazot, Bektemir Alcohol Factory, Qo’qon Biokimyo, Dehkanabad Potash Plant, Quartz, Hyatt was emphasized. Instructions were given on the initial placement of shares of 23 joint-stock companies on the stock market.

    One of the ways to use idle buildings is to rent them out. Opportunities in this direction were noted at the meeting. Leasing of state property in regions and industries can provide revenues for 500 billion UZS this year.

    It was determined that from now on an object that has not been used for more than three months is subject to a lease or put up for sale. The Agency of State Assets has been instructed to establish a system of transparent registration and online control over the implementation of lease agreements for the property of enterprises with a state share.

    Based on the tasks set at the meeting, the privatization program for 2022 will be approved in the context of regions and industries.