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    Uzbekistan to create viticulture and wine clusters

    Agriculture 1 August 2021 701

    A continuous system is being created in Uzbekistan from the construction of vineyards on an area of ​​156 thousand hectares (of which 50 thousand hectares in 2021) in specialized areas to the delivery of finished products to the consumer.

    48 districts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions will specialize in growing grapes by the resolution of the Head of the state “On additional measures to introduce the cluster system in the development of viticulture, state support for attracting advanced technologies in this sphere”.

    Starting August 1, 2021, agricultural land plots (irrigated and rainfed lands) are leased for the construction of vineyards and the development of viticulture based on an open tender.

    Land plots with an area of ​​0.06-1 hectares are put up for open competition for the construction of vineyards with the creation of a farm, and 1-30 hectares for the construction of large vineyards with an integral contour​​.

    Starting September 1, 2021, permanent project offices for the development of viticulture will be created in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions, without the status of a legal entity. A new mechanism for expanding the cultivation of grapes on household plots of the population and in mahallas will be introduced.

    Viticulture and wine clusters are being created to create a full cycle of cultivation, drying, packaging, processing, production of finished products and export of grapes.

    By the end of 2021, joint faculties will be created in Jizzakh and Fergana state universities in cooperation with higher education institutions of foreign countries of developed viticulture and winemaking.