The delegation of Uzbekistan participates in the observation of the presidential elections of Russia

    Elections 15 March 2024 5724

    The delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, headed by Chairman of the Central Election Commission Zayniddin Nizomkhodjayev, takes part in the observation of the presidential elections of the Russian Federation.

    On March 14, the Chairman of the CEC, Zayniddin Nizamkhodjayev, met with the Chairman of the CEC of Russia, Ella Pamfilova.

    During the meeting, E. Pamfilova informed in detail about the ongoing work on the preparation and conduct of the presidential elections, about the changes made to the electoral legislation of the Russian Federation, and about the course of the election campaign.

    It was noted that a number of CEC regulations necessary for the preparation and conduct of presidential elections have been adopted, additional opportunities have been provided for Russian citizens to exercise their voting rights: voting is held for three consecutive days (March 15, 16 and 17, 2024), for groups of voters living in localities where there is no polling place and transport links with which are difficult, mobile voting points have been organized, and remote electronic voting will be conducted in 29 regions along with the traditional one.

    The participants of the meeting were also provided with information on measures to ensure the openness and transparency of the electoral process. For this purpose, video broadcasting from polling stations and territorial election commissions has been organized in real time using the Internet information and telecommunications network.

    In turn, the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Uzbekistan Z. Nizamkhodjayev stressed the high level of organization of the process of preparation for the elections. He gave a positive assessment of the openness of the CEC and its readiness to assist the work of international observers, measures to implement citizens' electoral rights and ensure the safety of voting and the safety of the work of commission members, targeted voter information activities within the framework of the InformUIK project.

    Focusing on the issues of bilateral cooperation, Z. Nizamkhodjayev stressed the progressive nature of their development. It was noted that along with cooperation in the electoral sphere within the framework of the Protocol on Cooperation and Exchange of Legal Information between the CEC of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the CEC of the Russian Federation of 2006, an active partnership is also carried out within the framework of joint participation in the work of international associations of elected bodies: the World Association of Electoral Bodies, the Asian Association of Electoral Bodies and the Advisory Council of Heads of Electoral Bodies the CIS member states.

    The meeting was also attended by members of the Central Executive Committee of Uzbekistan A. Farmanov and G. Rakhimova.

    The members of the delegation also got acquainted with the work of the Information Center of the CEC of the Russian Federation, which was launched today.

    The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan.