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    What kind of weather awaits the residents of Uzbekistan in July?

    In focus 1 July 2022 506

    At the end of June, residents of Uzbekistan have already experienced the first wave of intense heat this year. Since June 25, the maximum air temperature has been increasing day by day.

    On June 27-28, in the north and the desert zone, on June 29, the heat reached its maximum development in most of the territory. These days, the thermometer in the afternoon hours rose to 40-42 ° C, in the north, south and desert zone to 44-46 ° C. In some areas of Kyzylkum, the air temperature reached 47 ° C, approaching the highest June values for all years of meteorological observations. New records of the maximum air temperature for June were set in Khorezm region, in some districts of Karakalpakstan, Bukhara, Navoi, Kashkadarya, Samarkand regions.

    On June 30, a slight decrease in heat began in most of the territory of the republic, which will continue on July 1. On July 2-3, the temperature will rise again to 40-41 °C in most of the territory. In the extreme south, the air temperature these days will be stable in the range of 42-45 ° C. But in the future we expect relative coolness.

    According to the data of the Uzhydromet service, on July 3 in the northern regions, on July 4-5 throughout Uzbekistan, the air temperature will drop to values comfortable for the height of summer of 30-33 ° C, and then for several days it will be kept within 34-37 ° C, in the south to 38-40 ° C.

    In the second and third decades of July, the temperature is expected to prevail in the range of 35-38 ° C, on some days in places with an increase to 40-42 ° C.

    Rains in July are unlikely, only in the foothill and mountainous areas 2-4 days with the precipitation of short-term thunderstorms are possible in places.