The Malaysian state TV channel "TV Okey" will talk about the tourism opportunities of Uzbekistan

    Tourism 10 May 2024 1468

    The Tourism Committee, together with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia, organized a visit of the creative team of the Sulalatus Salatin Sdn Bhd media company to Uzbekistan on May 3-10 this year by order of the Malaysian state TV channel TV Okey.

    The purpose of the visit is to prepare and show media content for a series of TV programs consisting of 6 episodes dedicated to the tourist potential, cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan.

    The TV shows will consist of two main parts. Some of them will be devoted to the cultural heritage, tourist infrastructure and nature of the cities of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Bostonlik district of Tashkent region.

    The rest of the episodes were filmed in restaurants of national cuisine and markets, in particular, at the Chorsu market in Tashkent, Siab in Samarkand and other places to emphasize the gastronomic and agrotouristic potential.

    For information: the TV channel "TV Okey" of the Malaysian State Television and Radio Company is popular in the cultural and entertainment segment. In addition to the country, the channel also broadcasts in Singapore, Thailand, Northern Indonesia and the Philippines.