Cooperation in the field of digital technologies and IT outsourcing is being strengthened between Uzbekistan and Germany

    Digitalization 30 April 2024 2525

    As part of the development of cooperation on digital technologies between Uzbekistan and Germany, the delegation of Uzbekistan met with representatives of the Federal Ministry of Digital Technologies and Transport (BMDV) of Germany.

    It was held in a constructive and businesslike atmosphere, where the parties discussed key areas of future cooperation.

    On the Uzbek side, Uzbek Ambassador to Germany Dilshod Akhatov and CEO of IT Park Uzbekistan Farkhod Ibrahimov took part in the talks, on the German side - Secretary of State Stefan Schnor, Head of the Department of Bilateral Digital Policy Mark Ledermann and Adviser to the Department of International Relations and Foreign Economic Activity Diana Huster.

    During the meeting, the prospects for increasing Uzbek-German cooperation in the field of digitalization, as well as the development of transport infrastructure, were discussed.

    The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Germany Dilshod Akhatov presented information on the ongoing reforms in our country in the information technology and digitalization sector, as well as in the field of transport, including measures in these areas undertaken within the framework of the implementation of the Strategy "Uzbekistan 2030".

    Farkhod Ibragimov presented IT Park as a rapidly developing platform that provides international companies with tax incentives, customs preferences, support programs and other comprehensive services that allow companies to freely realize themselves in Uzbekistan and conduct global business.

    The meeting also discussed the shortage of specialists in Germany and the presence of a large number of young talents in Uzbekistan with potential and excellent knowledge of the German language, which opens up prospects for cooperation in the field of IT outsourcing. It was noted that at the moment, about 12 Uzbek companies export IT services to Germany, as well as about 10 companies with German capital operate in Uzbekistan.

    Secretary of State Stefan Schnor noted the importance of strategic cooperation between Germany and Uzbekistan for mutual economic growth and offered support in establishing contacts with German business associations and startup associations to accelerate this task.

    German representatives stressed the importance of IT outsourcing as a launching pad for entering the German market. The IT Park branch in Germany was identified as the facilitator of this mission, which will be a significant step towards expanding the presence of Uzbek companies in the international arena.

    At the end of the meeting, the delegation of the Ministry was invited to Uzbekistan to assess the country's potential and capabilities on the spot. German representatives confirmed their readiness for the visit, which is evidence of mutual interest in further deepening bilateral relations.

    The partnership opens up new horizons for the development and expansion of the Uzbek IT industry and provides an opportunity for economic growth and job creation, contributing to the strengthening of international relations in the field of digital technologies and outsourcing.