The drink of centenarians: experts talked about the benefits of coffee

    Healthcare 19 June 2024 886

    Experts continue to argue about the benefits and harms of one of the most popular drinks - coffee. Some argue that coffee should not be carried away, because it harms the digestive tract, increases blood pressure and is dangerous for people with heart disease, others believe that a cup of invigorating drink is useful to everyone. Honored Doctor of Russia Alexander Myasnikov called coffee a drink of centenarians.

    Coffee is a popular drink that gives cheerfulness in the morning. However, opinions about its harm and benefits differ. So, according to some doctors and scientists, coffee is dangerous for people with a number of chronic diseases, for example, people with gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems, others argue that drinking four cups of coffee during the day will only benefit, reports

    For example, a recent study conducted by Chinese scientists has revealed the ability of the drink to reduce the risk of premature death from all diseases. So, according to the scientific work, ten people participated in the experiment, and they were monitored for ten years.

    At the end of the study, it turned out that drinking up to three cups of coffee a day compensates for the harm caused to the body from a sedentary lifestyle.

    Commenting on the results of the study, doctor, TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said that he agrees with the conclusions of Chinese scientists and firmly declares the harmlessness of coffee.

    Moreover, Myasnikov recalled that this drink is officially included in the chemoprophylaxis of cancer, as it reduces the risk of developing liver cancer.

    The doctor also recalled that coffee fights arthritis, diabetes, arrhythmia, gout and Parkinson's disease.