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    The Chairman of the Senate Committee took part in the 36th plenary session of the Eurasian Group

    Safety&Sequrity 3 June 2022 331

    On June 1, the 36th plenary meeting of the Eurasian Group on Countering the Legalization of Criminal Proceeds and the Financing of Terrorism (EAG) was held in Tashkent.

    The event was attended by representatives of the EAG member States, the observer states of Iran, the USA, Italy and Mongolia, as well as the UN, OSCE, SCO, the World Bank, the Secretariat of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF).

    The plenary session discussed the signing of the protocol on amendments to the Statutory Documents of the EAG, the formation of advisory councils on the parliamentary, financial and banking systems of the member states of the group and other issues.

    Thus, the meeting discussed the conceptual proposals of the EAG Secretariat to strengthen cooperation between high officials of the group's member States. The proposals provide for the regular participation of the parliaments of the EAG member States, the exchange of legislative experience, the improvement of legislation in this area, in particular, the development of preventive mechanisms for the prevention of crimes.

    The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judicial and Legal Issues and Anti-Corruption N. Umarov also took part in the discussions, who noted that further development of cooperation between the parliaments of the EAG member states is important in improving the laws on combating crime, including countering the legalization of criminal proceeds, and in this regard, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis I am interested in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

    During the event, with the participation of foreign experts, analysts and experts from foreign countries, a report on the mutual assessment of the national system of the Republic of Uzbekistan on countering the legalization of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism in 2020-2022 was discussed, following which the report was approved, the information service of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan reports.