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    President holds an open dialogue with Tashkent voters

    Elections 19 October 2021 1192

    On October 19, the candidate for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with voters of the city of Tashkent.

    The candidate’s authorized person R. Kalonov opened the meeting.

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a presentation on his pre-election program. Along with all regions, special attention is paid to the integrated development of Tashkent, turning it into an even more beautiful and comfortable city, one of the largest megacities in the world.

    It is planned to implement in the next five years the programs “Tashkent – a green city, convenient for life”, “City of great business opportunities”, “Regional investment center”, “Digital capital”, “City of knowledge and innovation”, “Capital – the source of culture and enlightenment”, “Healthy lifestyle and quality medicine”.

    The candidate said that to preserve the architectural appearance of the capital, the concept of “New Tashkent” will be implemented, which provides for the expansion of the city to the east. In the next five years, multi-storey energy-efficient buildings for 100 thousand apartments will be built. At the same time, the old two-story houses will be renovated.

    The candidate noted that any construction on plots between multi-storey residential buildings will be prohibited, and green areas will be expanded.

    Taking into account the particular relevance of the development of public transport and road infrastructure in the city, it is planned to bring 400 modern buses and 700 electric buses to the capital, as well as create about 200 new bus routes. Measures are envisaged for the smart regulation of 500 large intersections and the construction of 21 overpasses on the most congested streets.

    Plans to create a fund under the City Hokimiyat for the development of 575 mahallas in the capital, allocating 10 billion UZS to each mahalla were noted.

    Through the implementation of the program “Tashkent – a city of great business opportunities”, it is planned to increase the gross regional product of the capital by almost 2 times in the next five years – up to 200 trillion UZS.

    In particular, during this period it is planned to implement about 2 thousand investment projects worth $14 billion. This will create 250,000 new jobs.

    It was noted that an “industrial belt” will be created around Tashkent. Bektemir, Sergeli, Yashnabad and Yangikhayot districts will be specialized in highly profitable industries. New technoparks, logistics centers and customs terminals will be created. All customs warehouses will be moved outside the city.

    In general, due to the launched projects, the export of the city will double – up to $2.5 billion a year.

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that Tashkent has great potential for further development of trade and services. To create conditions for entrepreneurs, more than 4 thousand land plots will be put up for online auction in the coming years.

    The possibility of increasing the volume of tourist services to $1 billion in the next five years, bringing the number of foreign visitors to 3 million, was noted.

    The retail space in the city will be increased 10 times. 1 trillion UZS per year will be allocated for the development of family business in mahallas.

    Over the next five years, 70 trillion UZS will be allocated from the state budget for the economic and social development of the capital.

    Plans for the development of information technology were also announced. For this purpose, the programs “Digital Tashkent” and “Smart City” will be implemented. Electronic services will be widely introduced in finance, commerce, transport, medicine and education.

    Within the framework of the program “Healthy lifestyle and quality medicine”, 13 new family polyclinics will be built and 25 operating family polyclinics will be renovated. The creation of multidisciplinary medical clusters is planned. In the next two years, the introduction of the state health insurance system for residents of the capital will begin. The Tashkent Medical Academy will be overhauled and equipped with advanced technologies.

    Plans were presented for the construction of new and improving the quality of work of existing educational institutions, the development of cultural and sports spheres.

    The meeting continued in the form of an open dialogue. Voters supported the candidate’s program and made additional proposals.