Light industry companies established in Fergana’s districts

    Uzbekistan 12 May 2022 6707

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Light Industry and Logistics Center, being built in Uchkuprik district of Fergana region.

    This complex is also the result of the President’s initiative. Many entrepreneurs in Uchkuprik have started family businesses and employed their neighbors. But they worked in a customized environment that prevented business expansion.

    During the previous visit to the region, the Head of the state talked to businesswomen and promised that a modern complex would be built for them. On May 27, 2021, the President signed a resolution “On measures for the development of manufacturing light industry products, logistics and retail chains in Uchkuprik district of Fergana region”.

    15 hectares have been allocated for the center. A multi-storey building is under construction. 316 production shops, 336 stores, 560 retail outlets will be located here. 2 logistics centers are being created. As a result, modern conditions will appear for hundreds of entrepreneurs from Boboshbek, Bekmurod, Zigir, Palokhon and Yakkamulla mahallas.

    For example, more than 5,000 people live in Boboshbek mahalla alone. Their products are supplied to the regions of the country and neighboring countries through the Kokand market. As a result of modern conditions, the geography of deliveries is expanding.

    The President got acquainted with the activities of the sewing enterprises here, the conditions created for entrepreneurs and buyers.

    It is expected that the complex will manufacture products worth 876 billion UZS per year, exports will amount to $18 million. Over 7.7 thousand citizens can get permanent jobs.

    Another textile enterprise is being built in Kushtepa district. The factory established by LLC Global Textile Infinity will have an annual capacity of 18 million meters of high-quality fabric and 10 million units of finished products.

    The Head of the state instructed to increase the level of processing and production in the textile industry.

    “The market is uncompromising. An entrepreneur must have a plan for at least five years, a quality guarantee, and his cost reserve for worthy competition”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.