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    Uzbekistan and Poland are preparing to sign a bilateral readmission treaty

    International cooperation 27 December 2022 852

    Our country's Ambassador to Poland Bakhrom Babayev met with European liaison officer on his return within the framework of the EURLO project Edita Skibinskaya in Tashkent.

    Edita Skibinskaya, who operates on the territory of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan within the framework of the EURLO (European Return Liaison Officers Network) project, expressed gratitude for her all assistance in establishing its activities in our country, the conditions created for comprehensive work with the relevant departments, Dunyo reports (https://www.dunyo.info/ru/site/inner/uzbekistan_i_polysha_gotovyat_k_podpisaniyu_dvustoronniy_dogovor_o_readmissii-XM-).

    It was emphasized that the positive experience of the EURLO officer was the basis for the decision to extend this mission until 2026. Since the opening of the EURLO office in Tashkent in 2019, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, migration and border services, the Agency for External Labor Migration of Uzbekistan have taken part in eight seminars in Poland. The events discussed issues of cooperation in migration management, the current migration dynamics of citizens of Central Asian states to the territory of the European Union, including Poland.

    Edita Skibinskaya said that in 2023 a grant will also be allocated for specialists of Uzbekistan for seminars in Poland. In particular, it is planned to organize English language courses for employees of border agencies of our country in order to study special professional terms used in practice on migration, returns and readmission. In addition, it is planned to hold training seminars on the detection of document forgery in Uzbekistan, Poland and other EU countries.

    Edita Skibinska expressed satisfaction with the decision of the Uzbek and Polish sides to sign a bilateral readmission agreement. This will be the first such treaty that our country will conclude with the EU countries. The first meeting to discuss the treaty will be held in April next year in Warsaw.