The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan warned citizens about the spread of messages calling for terrorist attacks

    Safety&Sequrity 4 April 2024 2087

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Uzbekistan has published an appeal in connection with calls for terrorist attacks spread over the Internet.

    The appeal notes that recently there has been an increase in cases of individual citizens of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries receiving messages via the Internet with a proposal to commit terrorist attacks in public places, such as shopping and entertainment centers, schools and other crowded facilities, for a monetary reward.

    Provocative messages are most often sent via the Telegram messenger, and they promise various amounts of money, weapons and an action plan. In most cases, provocateurs do not respond to refusals, and also send such messages to children.

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan urges citizens not to panic, not to spread such messages and immediately report them to the internal affairs bodies at 102. It is also recommended to block senders and not engage in correspondence with them.

    "Law enforcement agencies are working within their competence to neutralize any security threats and protect the public from potential terrorist acts," the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan said in a statement.