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    In Tashkent, they began to organize islands of security near schools

    Transport 23 February 2023 1169

    At the initiative of the capital's traffic safety service in Tashkent, lanes have begun to be allocated in front of schools due to the narrowing of the roadway, which act as islands of safety.

    According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tashkent city police Department, this experience was adopted from Belarusian specialists to reduce road accidents involving children, in particular, schoolchildren.

    "In order to improve the system of ensuring road safety, preventing accidents involving children in front of schools, based on the Belarusian experience, for the safe movement of pedestrians through an unregulated pedestrian crossing, horizontal markings were applied, consisting of a narrowing of the roadway and a safety island," the report says.

    In the future, such islands will be laid next to all secondary schools located near busy roads.