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    In Uzbekistan, it will get colder at night to +10 degrees this week

    In focus 26 September 2022 451

    Today, the predominance of low-cloud weather without precipitation will remain on the territory of Uzbekistan. The daytime air temperature in most of the territory of Uzbekistan will be high and will be 30-35 ° C. Only the northern regions of Uzbekistan will be invaded by a cold anticyclone from the Volga region, and the air temperature in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region will drop to 20-25 ° C.

    According to the Uzhydromet service, tomorrow, September 27, the invasion will spread to the entire territory of the republic, and until the end of the working week, the territory of Uzbekistan will be under the influence of the periphery of a relatively cold anticyclone.

    Starting tomorrow, it will get colder already throughout the republic, the daytime temperature will drop to 22-27 ° C. On September 29-30, the night temperature will also drop: at night and in the morning, the thermometer will drop to 10-15 ° C.

    With the passage of the invasion front on September 26-27, the wind is expected to increase to 15-20 m/s in places with dusty drifts. In the extreme south and in the Ferghana Valley, wind gusts can reach 21-23 m/s.

    No precipitation is expected on the flat territory of the republic, only in the foothills and mountainous areas tomorrow, September 27, there will be light rain in places.