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    6,085 apartment buildings will be overhauled

    Cities 21 June 2021 1140

    The Resolution of the President "On further improvement of the management system for apartment buildings" was adopted.

    According to the resolution, by July 1, 2022 in the republic, the following will be transferred to the managing organizations through an open tender:

    • 1,227 apartment buildings;
    • 30 schools;
    •  64 preschool educational organizations;
    • 9 universities and colleges;
    • 90 parking lots;
    • territories with 173 playgrounds (total area 16,281,878 sq. m.)

    All government customers are allowed to conclude, as an exception, a direct contract with a selected management organization for the provision of utilities and emergency response services in the assigned territory without holding a tender.

    According to the resolution, in 2022-2025:

    • 6,085 apartment buildings will be overhauled;
    • 1,800 playgrounds will be built and overhauled;
    • the sidewalks with an area of 1102 sq. m adjacent to the apartment buildings will be concreted;
    • 14,387 units of outdoor lighting systems will be repaired.

    In addition, a total of 268 apartment buildings that are obsolete and have expired are also subject to renovation. Out of which, 211 houses will be demolished and rebuilt, and 57 will be reconstructed in 2021.

    From July 1, 2021, a separate record of mandatory contributions or payments must be kept for each apartment building.

    According to the resolution, owners and managers are allowed to determine the boundaries and sizes of land plots adjacent to apartment buildings, as well as to make payments for the registration of the necessary documents securing the right to permanent use of them, including cadastral documentation, for one year in an equal share in installments.

    Once a year, managers conduct the inventory of the whole of the supporting and enclosing structures (common property) of apartment buildings.