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    Amendments to the Government Resolution regarding the «propiska» (registration) procedure

    Social medium 25 May 2020 2009

    Presidential Decree № PD-5984 established a number of new procedures regarding registration at the place of permanent residence.

    In accordance with this, appropriate editions have been made.

    According to the Resolution, the current Regulation on the registration procedure will be valid till September 1, 2020 (paragraphs 66-67 of the Regulation cease to be effective from the date of publication of this decision).

    The Regulation on the registration procedure at the place of permanent residence and temporary stay of citizens of Uzbekistan in the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent region was approved (comes into force on September 1, 2020).

    According to the Regulation, a citizen, upon arrival at the place of permanent residence within 15 days, must undergo permanent or temporary registration through the departments of migration and registration of citizenship (OMiOG), Centers of Public Services (CPS) or through the Unified portal of interactive public services (EPIGU) (now this period is 10 days).

    Citizens who belong to the 1st, 6th and 7th categories of the List can go through the Centers of Public Services (CPS) and EPIGU for permanent registration.

    For permanent registration, the applicant applies to OMiOG and provides the established documents.

    Information on the citizen is automatically checked from the relevant databases.

    On the day the application is submitted, the citizen’s passport is stamped with the cancellation of the previous permanent residence permit and, at the request of the citizen, a registration sheet is provided that is protected by a QR code on permanent registration.

    That is, 1 day is required for registration (currently 3 days).