Mahalla acquires a new look

    Uzbekistan 7 June 2024 2604

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the “Dilbog” mahalla in Yashnabad district of the capital and became acquainted with the residents’ living conditions.

    More than 5.2 thousand people live in the mahalla, which is landscaped adjacent to 26 apartment buildings, schools and kindergartens, and retail outlets.

    In Uzbekistan, each mahalla develops based on its specialization. Residents of “Dilbog” are mainly engaged in entrepreneurship and handicrafts and are constantly employed in 15 retail and service outlets, one manufacturing enterprise, and educational institutions.

    Last year, loans were allocated for 13 projects to attract the population to entrepreneurship. Almost 300 people were employed. A monocenter has been organized to train young people in professions.

    The Head of state inspected the mahalla’s construction activities and improvement work.

    The Football Academy of Tashkent under the Football Association of Uzbekistan is in the same mahalla. The modern complex has indoor and outdoor sports grounds, classrooms for theoretical training, a dormitory, a canteen, and a library. Currently, 154 juniors aged from 12 to 18 years are training here. Foreign specialists are involved in training. The stadiums are equipped with lighting and video recording systems.

    The President spoke with students of the academy and those responsible for the sports sector.

    “Thanks to our football decisions and attention to talented children, Uzbek football is beginning to reach the world level. The number of our players in European teams is growing. Our young athletes advanced to the Olympics. For this to continue, we need to develop football in mahallas. It is necessary to build additional stadiums and support the mass character of this sport”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    The work to repair the Aquatic Sports Palace in this mahalla was also inspected. Directions were given for the sustainable use of the structure based on public-private partnership.