The Russian Embassy in Tashkent called "fake" reports on the mobilization of labor migrants in the Russian Federation

    Global development 3 October 2022 1353

    The information about the conscription of citizens of Central Asian countries as part of the partial mobilization announced in Russia does not correspond to reality, the Russian Embassy in Tashkent said in its Telegram channel.

    "The rumors spreading on the Internet about the mandatory conscription of foreign citizens, including migrant workers from Central Asian countries, into military service in the Russian Federation do not correspond to reality," the diplomatic mission said.

    The ministry stressed that the attackers, referring to the fake order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, replicate fake news that citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan temporarily staying in Russia are subject to partial mobilization, and scare them with the cancellation of work permits and deportation from the Russian Federation in case of refusal.

    The Embassy urged citizens of Uzbekistan who are in Russia to focus only on official information.