Shavkat Mirziyoyev: It is necessary to turn Chilanzar district into an industrial hub

    Uzbekistan 26 May 2023 6225

    On May 26, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev became familiar with the activities of enterprises of Chilanzar industrial zone in Tashkent.

    Today, 510 enterprises operate in the industrial zone, and new production facilities are being created.

    In particular, one of the food industry enterprises produces 7 thousand tons of products per year, including ten types of chips. The project's second stage will be launched soon, expanding the product range. The furniture company operating here annually produces 2 million square meters of wooden panels, most replacing imports.

    The plant of functional nutrition has established the production of iodized confectionery products with a capacity of 5 million packages per year. It is planned to export 30 percent of products.

    The Head of State inspected the technological process of enterprises. Drawing attention to the unique focus of each production, he noted the need for creating such facilities in all regions. Noting the importance of iodized food for the population’s health, the President instructed to increase the production of food products enriched with iodine.

    Plans for the development of industry in Chilanzar district were also presented.

    “Chilanzar district has a huge infrastructure. There are many unused buildings and guaranteed access to energy resources. It is only necessary to financially support entrepreneurs, bring foreign technologies, and turn Chilanzar into an industrial hub”, the President noted.

    The Head of State emphasized that economic projects should also bring a social effect. The need to assist entrepreneurs in developing and expanding their activities to reduce poverty and increase employment in mahallas was emphasized. The task was set to provide jobs for 3 thousand low-income and 10 thousand unemployed citizens of the district, including through participation in the recently launched new program.

    The President also inspected the exhibition of goods produced by enterprises of Chilanzar district.