Лого Лого-пв-уз

    President becomes acquainted with cluster's products

    Uzbekistan 12 October 2021 1932

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Mergantex LLC in Bukhara region’s Alat district.

    In 2017, the Head of the state got familiar with the project of creating a cotton-textile cluster based on this enterprise. After that, there was a radical turn in its activities. In 2018-2020, more than $22 million was invested, modern equipment from Germany, Japan, the United States, Belgium and Switzerland was installed here.

    Today, the company has turned into a large cluster covering the entire production cycle from the primary processing of raw cotton to the tailoring of ready-made clothing. It employs 880 people. The cluster is capable of processing 30 thousand tons of cotton per year. Last year, it produced products worth 240 billion UZS, exported goods worth more than $6 million.

    “These are the first results of large-scale work. But this is not the limit. Now it is necessary to master the next stages of processing, introduce innovative technologies and strive to increase the production of value-added products”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    Next year, the cluster plans to start producing ready-made clothes of natural and chemical fibers. It is expected that the $25 million worth of project will increase exports to $30 million and create an additional thousand jobs.

    The Head of the state was informed about innovative methods of cotton cultivation. The cluster has implemented drip irrigation on 1.2 thousand hectares. As a result, water consumption decreased and soil fertility increased. Some farms have harvested up to 70 quintals of cotton per hectare. One cotton bush managed to accumulate up to 190 boxes.

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted the importance of continuing this effective work, ensuring a close relationship between science and practice, including the production of domestic drip irrigation systems based on foreign experience.