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    Tashkent airport received new luggage trolleys

    In focus 17 August 2022 477

    Tashkent International Airport has received 1000 new luggage trolleys from the German manufacturer Wanzl. Today, branded service trolleys have been delivered to the departure and arrival halls in the required quantity.

    It is worth noting that a month ago a difficult situation with luggage trolleys developed at the Tashkent airport. Without prior notice and in violation of the contract, the private company "Abadiya Trade" refused to provide this service and took out all its luggage carts.

    The management company Uzbekistan Airways was forced to bring some of the trolleys from regional airports to Tashkent, as well as to order a batch of trolleys from a local manufacturer in a short time.

    At the moment, Tashkent Airport is fully provided with its own luggage trolleys. In the near future, new service trolleys will be delivered to all regional airports.