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    Uzbekistan - Russia: issues of standardization and technical regulation in the field of building materials were discussed

    Industry 1 December 2022 615

    The Uzbek Agency for Technical Regulation and the Association "PSM EAEU" together with the Trade Mission of Russia in Uzbekistan held a seminar on standardization, technical regulation and conformity assessment in the field of building materials.

    More than 70 people took part in the event both in person and online. This is reported by the official telegram channel of the Russian Trade Mission in Uzbekistan.

    "Consideration of these issues, taking into account the rapid growth of the market and the increase in the product range, will help to achieve consistency between manufacturers and consumers in the formation of product requirements and ensure safety for both human health and the environment," said Konstantin Zlygostev, Trade Representative of Russia in Uzbekistan.

    This seminar was the first among the planned events in these areas.

    The next seminar will be held in mid-December and will be dedicated to the electrical industry.