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    Uzbekistan Airways gradually resumes air service on its regular flights

    Transport 11 September 2020 342

    Uzbekistan Airways is gradually resuming the regular flights and happy to welcome you back ! In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we were forced to make some changes while providing service on board. We do apologize if any of the previously provided services is currently unavailable during the flight. Our top priority is passengers and crew members’  health.

    Preflight  procedures include  crew members mandatory health check and temperature measurement . Throughout the flight all crew members as well as passengers, wear masks and protective gloves.

    Every key surface is disinfected after every flight and we clean our aircraft from nose to tail every day. Disinfection is carried out both inside the aircraft and in the baggage/cargo compartments.

    The air in the passenger cabin of the aircraft circulates from top to bottom, that excludes the inhalation of micro-drops in the event that someone  sneezed. In addition, the use of masks prevents the dispersal of micro particles. HEPA filters which are installed in all  Uzbekistan Airways aircrafts remove microscopic bacteria and virus clusters with over 99.97% efficiency. 

    Water, headphones, food, business  travel  kits  and kits for children are in individual packaging.

    In-flight magazines and press will be temporarily unavailable.

    We hope these restrictions will not affect your flight impression. As soon as the epidemiological situation improves, we will return to full service provision.

    Please take notice of the rules and recommendations that must be followed in the aircraft  to protect yourself  and people close to you  during the  pandemic of COVID 19:

    • passengers are required to wear masks  covering their mouth and nose onboard ( excluding children under 2 years old);
    • аs a carry-on luggage you can take a woman's handbag, a briefcase, a laptop and a bag with baby accessories , which you may need during the flight. Other baggage must be left at check-in counter;
    • keep a social distance while boarding the aircraft;
    • if you  feel unwell (fever, cough, runny nose, etc.), you must urgently press the flight attendant call button. The crew members are trained how to deal with a passenger showing signs of illness;
    • try to minimize movement around the cabin as much as you can. Before using  the lavatory , pay attention to the vacant indicator.  Avoid making queue near the lavatories.
    • after  landing please keep sitting until cabin attendants’ invitation to the exit.