Uzbekistan invests in textile industry of Kyrgyzstan

    Investments 26 January 2023 1192

    The Uzbek model of textile industry development is increasingly gaining popularity among the CIS countries. In particular, Uzbek entrepreneurs are actively invited to neighboring countries to implement joint projects.

    At the same time, the interest of Uzbek textile companies in investing in the textile industry of Kyrgyzstan is also growing. In particular, construction and installation works are being completed at Dekna Bishkek LLC, the founder of which is Zelal Textile, one of the major manufacturers of knitted fabric in Uzbekistan.

    The sewing and knitting production of Dekna Bishkek is being implemented in Kora-Bolta, Chui region, in the amount of $ 45 million.

    As a result of the launch of the project, a production capacity for the production of 17 thousand tons of knitted fabric and 7 million pieces of finished knitwear will be created, about 1,000 jobs will be created.

    At the moment, work is underway on the repair of buildings and structures where the enterprise will be located, and the delivery of technological equipment.

    The delegation of the Association "Uztextilprom" headed by I. Haydarov got acquainted with the project with a field visit.