Uzbekistan is represented at the XXXI Minsk International Book Fair

    Culture & Arts 27 March 2024 1360

    Representatives of the National Legal Information Center "Adolat" of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan took part in the XXXI Minsk International Book Fair.

    More than a hundred new books in historical, scientific, journalistic, literary and artistic genres published in publishing houses of our country, as well as official social and legal publications prepared by the National Center for Legal Information "Adolat" were presented at the fair, according to the news agency "Dunyo".

    Within the framework of the fair, presentations were also made on the development of reading culture in our country, the consistent and effective organization of a system to support the activities of publishers and distributors of books.

    It should be noted that information about the publication of the Basic Law of Uzbekistan and other normative legal acts in Braille by the National Center for Human Rights of Uzbekistan and the National Center for Legal Information "Adolat" was met with great interest by the organizers and participants of the event.

    In particular, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Igor Karpenko praised the efforts to ensure and implement the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of persons with disabilities in Uzbekistan and noted that this experience should also be used in Belarus.

    Dmitry Makarov, Executive Director of the Minsk International Book Fair, expressed gratitude to the Uzbek side, which is participating in this fair for the fifth time. He stressed the quality of Uzbek printed materials and the high level of publishing. The books presented at the exhibition attracted the attention of many visitors.

    Within the framework of the exhibition, representatives of the National Center for Legal Information "Adolat" held talks on expanding cooperation with the Belarusian National Center for Legal Information.

    The parties agreed on the exchange of information, mutual use of national databases of official legal information "LexUZ" and " ".