An Uzbek man tried to take an ancient coin from the time of the Ottoman Dynasty to Turkey

    Culture & Arts 23 February 2024 1318

    On February 15, 2024, an Uzbek citizen flying from Bukhara International Airport to Istanbul tried to take an ancient coin out of the country.

    According to preliminary data, during the inspection of the passenger's hand luggage by customs officers with the participation of impartial persons, a coin minted from red metal worth "40 pairs" was found, which was seized.

    The coin was artistically examined by the staff of the Department of Artistic Expertise of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Bukhara region. The study revealed that the red copper coin worth "40 pairs" belongs to the reign of Sultan Abdulmajid I of the Ottoman Dynasty and was minted in Constantinople in 1839.

    The obverse of the coin shows the date of minting and the inscription "May the victory of Mahmoud Khan bin Abdulhamid Muzaffar be honored."

    For information, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 23, 1999 "On the export and import of cultural property", it was proposed to transfer the coin to the stock of the Bukhara State Museum.