A mobile device IMEI registration point has been opened at Tashkent Airport

    Digitalization 3 May 2024 2362

    The official registration point for IMEI codes of mobile devices has started working in the arrival hall of Tashkent airport.

    At the airport counter, all arriving passengers can register the IMEI codes of imported (new or used outside Uzbekistan) mobile devices within a few minutes.

    The cost of registering an IMEI code within 30 calendar days for residents and 60 calendar days for non-residents of the country is 68,000 soums (20% of the total cost).

    A service point with an area of 8 sq. m. The m was drawn through bidding on an electronic platform aukcion.uz. The winner of the auction was the Republican Telecommunications Network Management Center of Uzbekistan.

    According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, registration of the IMEI code must be carried out within 30 calendar days (for non-residents, 60 calendar days) from the moment the SIM card of local mobile operators is connected. Otherwise, before registering the device's IMEI code, the subscriber will be denied access to the services of local GSM mobile operators.