The SCO Secretariat held a briefing on constitutional reform in Uzbekistan

    International cooperation 23 March 2023 1719

    The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing in the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization organized a briefing on constitutional reform in our country.

    The event was attended by official representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the leadership of the SCO Secretariat, ambassadors and diplomats of the SCO member states, as well as permanent representatives of the member states, the news agency "Dunyo" reports.

    The participants were informed in detail about the constitutional reform in Uzbekistan, the main changes and additions to the Constitution in the new edition.

    It was noted that during the constitutional reform, the constitutions of almost all countries of the world, in particular the SCO countries, were studied in detail.

    Attention was drawn to the fact that in this process, ensuring human rights and freedoms is enshrined as the highest duty of the state, the principle of "man - society - state" in the draft has become the main criterion, human rights standards have increased 3.5 times, social obligations of the state have tripled, the Constitution defines the principle that Uzbekistan is a social state.

    New developments in the areas of youth support and education, gender equality, entrepreneurship, access to free information, social protection and environmental rights, freedom and independence of judicial systems and further strengthening of parliamentary powers were also widely highlighted.