The heating season will begin in Tashkent on November 6

    Cities 2 November 2023 3249

    Based on the decision of the khokim of Tashkent, the circulation of the heat system from heat sources is launched in the capital from 00:00 on November 3 for the heat supply of district heating users.

    Accordingly, from November 6, the phased provision of heat energy to social facilities and apartment buildings begins.

    "If you identify any problems or malfunctions in the process of connecting your home or an institution managed by you, or improper performance of duties on the part of the heat supplier, TCHSZH and USK, please call the numbers 1055, 71 210-01-87, 71 210-01-41, 71 210-01-11, 71 210-01-63 or send a message to the pages of the Tashkent khokimiyat in social networks," the press service reports.