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    A branch of the Warsaw University of Management was opened in Andijan

    Education 16 April 2021 1197

    The Andijan branch of the Warsaw University of Management Collegium Humanum was opened by the Government Resolution.

    The branch is a non-state higher education institution.

    Education at the branch is carried out in full-time education in English, Russian and Uzbek languages in accordance with the curricula and scientific programs approved by (Founder) Warsaw University of Management (Republic of Poland).

    At the initial stage, the branch will accept students in the following educational areas of the bachelor's degree:

    ● Finance and accounting;
    ● Management in the field of transport and logistics;
    ● International business and marketing;
    ● Management and marketing in the field of tourism, hotel business and public catering;
    ● Management of small and medium-sized businesses;
    ● Information and communication technologies.

    Education at the branch will begin in the academic year 2021/2022 on a payment-contract basis, the amount of which will be set by the Founder.

    Graduates of the branch will receive a diploma, which is recognized in Uzbekistan as a document of higher education.

    For admission of applicants from among gifted children from families in need of social protection (based on a grant from the branch), at least 10% of the annual admission parameters of the branch are allocated on a competitive basis.

    Moreover, gifted and high-performing students are offered a discount of up to 50% of the contract amount.

    Up to 70% of qualified foreign teaching professors from the Republic of Poland and other European countries will be involved in the educational process.