Jerzy Matsulevich: "Uzbekistan demonstrates centuries-old experience of tolerance"

    Interview 16 May 2022 2109

    The participant of the international forum "Dialogue of Declarations", which opened today, May 16, in Tashkent, the Charge d'affaires of the Vatican in our country, Bishop Jerzy Matsulevich commented on the significance and expected results of the forum:

    - Today it was emphasized that Uzbekistan is a country where different cultures and religions live, demonstrates centuries-old experience of tolerance. It is very good that people from all over the world participate in this event. This facilitates the exchange of experience with other countries. The forum allows us to take a broader look at the problems of tolerance, at the relations between different religions.

    As a representative of the Roman Catholic Church, I cannot but note how important tolerance is in society, interreligious and intercultural tolerance, the provision of which has been elevated to the rank of state policy in Uzbekistan.