The head of the Ministry of Health held an emergency meeting due to the aggravation of a severe form of Acute respiratory viral infection in Tashkent

    Healthcare 24 November 2023 1506

    Information has appeared on social networks that an unknown virus is spreading in Tashkent, accompanied by a body temperature of up to 39-40 degrees.

    In this regard, on November 23, Minister of Health Amrillo Inoyatov held a meeting, which was attended by the heads of clinical hospitals in Tashkent, representatives of the Committee for sanitary and epidemiological welfare and public health, as well as employees of the ambulance service.

    The Head of the Ministry of Health gave an urgent instruction to take the necessary measures to reduce the burden on hospitals and provide quality medical care to sick children.

    In particular, it was decided to increase the number of places reserved for children with SARS from 300 to 500 in the infectious diseases hospital "Zangiota-1".

    Also, due to the increase in the number of calls from residents with symptoms of fever and cough, it was decided to additionally allocate 40 cars to the ambulance service from 06:00 to 14:00.

    It was emphasized that from November 25 of this year, the Ministry will allocate 29 fully equipped Isuzu vehicles to the ambulance service for permanent use.

    It was also noted that since yesterday, in 12 multidisciplinary central polyclinics and 72 family polyclinics of the capital, medical teams have been on duty from 8:00 to 20:00.

    Based on the necessary instructions, these teams are checked by ambulance service staff, a list of patients treated at home or sent home without hospitalization and being treated on an outpatient basis is determined, and medical care is provided locally and online.

    At the meeting, the Minister stressed the need to accelerate work in this direction in order to reduce the burden on hospitals, increase the volume of medical services provided to patients undergoing outpatient treatment, and gave the necessary instructions to responsible persons.

    It was also noted the need to involve pediatricians of specialized centers and specialists of all narrow circles to provide doctors of family polyclinics with the necessary recommendations for outpatient treatment of patients with acute respiratory viral infections.

    In conclusion, the relevant tasks were identified for monitoring sick children in day hospitals and, if necessary, carrying out the necessary medical procedures there.