A kilogram of cherries for the price of a new car - the Japanese surprise with price records

    Interesting facts 19 June 2024 2062

    A kilogram of cherries of the Higashine Cherry brand from Yamagata Prefecture was sold at auction in Tokyo for 1.45 million yen (almost 10 thousand dollars), this became a record for the brand, foreign media reported with reference to the NHK TV channel.

    The city of Higashine in Yamagata Prefecture, which is famous throughout the country for its cherries, produces the largest number of these fruits. The city has created its own brand of cherries, which meets strict standards of size, color and taste.

    In 2023, one kilogram of this variety was sold for 50,000 yen ($320) cheaper.

    Yamagata Prefecture is traditionally considered the supplier of the most delicious cherries in Japan - 75% of all cherries produced in Japan are in this prefecture. Usually the first fruits appear in late spring and summer, but there is also a New Year's variety that goes on sale in the first days of the year.

    The cultivation technology largely explains the high price. The trees grow in special tubs. From June to early October, they are placed in the refrigerator, and then transferred to the greenhouse. The greenhouse maintains a temperature of 25 degrees during the day and about 13 degrees at night.