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    Producer of legendary films Martin Smith held a master class at the Tashkent branch of VGIK

    In focus 27 September 2022 448

    The Tashkent branch of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography hosted a master class by Martin Smith, producer of the legendary Harry Potter and James Bond films on the topic "Investing and film production".

    Martin Smith is a special adviser to Ingenious Group, a large reputable investment company in the UK. With his participation, about 700 films were created, including the cult films "Avatar", "Life of Pi", "Night at the Museum", the unprecedented box office success of which he cited as an example, telling about his investment experience.

    The producer also spoke about some of the difficulties that arise during the filming process and his own experience of overcoming them.

    Mr. Smith noted that it was the second time he had come to Uzbekistan, and during the first visit, which took place three years ago, he had a chance to visit Samarkand.