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    From 2026, electricity, natural and liquefied gas will be transferred to the wholesale market, and prices will be set freely

    Energy 5 July 2022 680

    At a briefing in AIMK, the head of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Kuvonchbek Mustafoev presented information on changes in prices for fuel and energy resources.

    The draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On changing prices for fuel and energy resources" on May 31, 2022 is posted on the portal for discussing draft regulatory legal acts.

    On June 15, the discussion process was completed. Over 1,100 proposals and objections were received on the draft resolution.

    Most of the proposals concerned the formation of an established social norm for electricity (by analogy with natural gas) in winter.

    In order to bring enterprises in line with long-term planning, increase operational efficiency and energy saving, this decree also establishes new prices, which will come into force on April 1, 2023.

    It is established that the prices for fuel and energy resources, which will be set from April 1, 2023, when revised in the coming years, will be indexed to the inflation rate, and from 2026 the transition to the wholesale electricity market, natural and liquefied gas will be carried out and will be formed freely.

    Based on the opinions and arguments expressed by the population on the draft resolution submitted for discussion, experts are reviewing the issue of introducing the "social norm" provided for in the draft resolution, and by this resolution prices for the population remain unchanged.