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Лого Лого-пв-уз

    Uzbekistan has exported $ 16 million worth of goods to Germany this year

    In focus 28 October 2020 60

    According to the State Customs Committee, as a result of exports to Germany, foreign exchange earnings in our country increased by $ 1.5 million compared to the same period of last year, and increase by 10%.

    In particular, $ 4.8 million worth of fruits and vegetables, $ 4.4 million worth of textiles, $ 2.3 million worth of natural resources, $ 1.2 million worth of technological equipment, $ 1.1 million worth of metals and metal products, 787 thousand dollars worth of yarn products, 763 thousand dollars worth of agricultural products and 415 thousand dollars worth of food products were exported to Germany.

    In 2020, for the first time our country has exported transport and spare parts, wood products and finished furniture, household appliances to Germany.