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    Central Bank: the next Program of cooperation with the Bank of Korea has started

    Finance 3 August 2023 2399

    As part of the annual Cooperation Program on Mutual Knowledge Exchange of the Central Bank of the Republic of Korea (Bank of Korea), the Central Bank of Uzbekistan received a delegation from the Bank of Korea and Dongguk Korean University.

    During the visit, an agreement was signed between the central banks of the two countries to conduct a joint study. This year, the study will be devoted to the supervision of payment systems.

    This study will be conducted with the active participation of professors from Dongguk University. Conclusions and recommendations will be applied by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan in practice.

    During the visit, an initial joint seminar was also held, at which the current state of the payment systems of Uzbekistan and Korea was discussed in detail, as well as a presentation was made on the future prospects for the development of payment systems.