Uzbekistan has become the happiest country among the CIS countries

    Social medium 20 March 2024 2106

    In the annual report released in honor of the UN International Day of Happiness, Uzbekistan is recognized as the happiest state among the CIS countries, ranking 47th in the World Happiness Report ranking.

    Kazakhstan took the second place in this region, being on the 49th line. This is followed by Russia (72nd), Kyrgyzstan (75th), and Tajikistan ranks 88th. Armenia showed the lowest indicators, ranking 82nd.

    Finland, Denmark and Iceland are recognized as the happiest countries in the world, while Afghanistan remains the unhappiest country.

    The report estimates the level of happiness in 143 countries, taking into account factors such as GDP per capita, social support, freedom of choice in life and life expectancy in full health.