The Aral Sea Tourism Week will be held in the Republic of Karakalpakstan

    Tourism 9 April 2024 2024

    On April 16-19, the Aral Sea Tourism Week will be organized in Nukus and Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

    During the forum, an international scientific and practical seminar "Goodwill Ambassadors of the Aral Sea", an exhibition and a creative planer "Aral through the eyes of artists" will be held. The exhibition will feature paintings of the Aral Sea by novice and professional artists.

    Also on April 18, the Aral Sea Eco Race ecomarathon for a distance of 2 km is planned in Muynak. Participants run 1 km to the tree planting site, plant a tree and return. At the finish line, each marathon runner will be awarded a medal in the form of a symbolic tree for participating in a nature restoration project. To participate in the Aral Sea Eco Race, you must register on the website

    In addition, the guests of the event will enjoy the gastronomic festival "99 types of fish dishes of the Aral Sea" and an unforgettable trip to historical monuments.