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    In Tashkent, the area of parks and squares is planned to increase five times by 2030

    Environment 11 August 2023 1003

    The Khokimiyat of Tashkent city presented a plan for greening the city. Now there are about 900 hectares of green spaces in the capital, by 2030 the indicator is planned to increase to 5000 hectares.

    According to the action plan developed in this regard, 300 hectares of green spaces will be created in 2024 in addition to the existing 900 hectares, thus, the planned green areas will reach 1100 hectares, in 2025 - 1400 hectares, in 2026 - 1900 hectares, in 2027 - 2500 hectares, in 2028 - 3200 hectares and in 2029 - 4000 hectares.

    At the same time, each growing and planted tree will be assigned a passport, the persons responsible for their care will be assigned. Their growth will also be monitored.